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Tom Soles was just an unemployed doorman when he wrote a book that rocked the nation. Entitled ‘Enough is Enough’ it was his commentary on the socioeconomic pitfalls of America. Working folks adored it; the upper echelon hated it. Either way it was viewed, it became a best seller and won him the Nobel Prize for Literature.

When we first meet Tom, he is using an assumed name and all the local townsfolk consider him a hermit. But after a visit from his mail carrier, Jake Snow, we begin to learn more about the man that Jake also had written off as a recluse. Jake has plenty of time and questions, and as he begins to get answers, the two men quickly strike up a close friendship. Then Tom gives Jake an opportunity. He offers to let him read a memoir he’s been working on. Jake accepts, and we begin a story within a story.

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