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ReadingHUD’s advice for authors: Getting Visible! 

The most important thing for any indie author or publisher to realize when trying to promote their work is that visibility is everything! Everything! Nothing is more important than your cover and the description of your book appearing on the screen of your potential readership’s tablet or phone. If readers can’t find you, they can’t choose to download your book, and no matter how great your work is, it won’t be read. The great news is that you can influence your visibility and you can reach a huge audience with the tools that are currently available online, and though it takes some work and dedication, it is relatively simple to master. 

Steps to increase your visibility: 

#1 Free or Bargain Promotions! 

Currently, free or bargain promotions of your ebooks, especially on Amazon, increase your “popularity” on Amazon, which is the default setting Amazon uses when readers explore their Kindle store. That’s right, it’s not best-sellers, it’s “new and popular” that matters, and if you do a successful promotion, the algorithm will pick up your book and place it higher in your major category. So, for instance, if you’ve written a romance novel and you allow your book to be free for a few days and receive several thousand downloads, the algorithm will place your book higher in “popularity” and readers will have a better chance of seeing it. Think of it like a bookstore. If you do a free promo that is successful, the staff picks up your book and places it closer to the front of the store, and the more prominent your placing, the higher your chances are of your book being purchased. Stats have shown that the amount of readers who scroll to the second page of a major category drop off by as much as 75%. What this means is that, if you’re in science fiction, which has over 70,000 books in the Kindle store, if you’re not in the first 16 (the front page) and are instead #25 out of over 70K, your sales will be only a quarter of what they’d be if you could crack that front page! That means being on the front page of your major category is crucial if you want to sell in numbers that will allow you to achieve your dream of quitting your day job and making an income that allows you to write full time! ReadingHUD is here to help you make that dream come true! 

#2 Build up your Reviews! 

Free (and to a lesser extent bargain) promotions are a great way to help you build up your review base. Having a large number of reviews that are positive not only persuade readers that they should take a chance on your work, but they also insulate you against the disingenuous attacks that come from misguided competing authors (more on those guys later) and competing publishers. For the most part, reviewers are genuine and real, but a small percentage haven’t read your books and will attack you for misguided reasons. If you build up your own army of supporters, nothing can hurt you! Successful free promotions allow you to do this, and you’ll be glad you invested the time and effort to build your fan base! 

#3 Have an Advance Reader’s List (ARC)! 

There’s no better way to launch a book than with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of positive reviews from a friendly fan base! Think of it like this: if the current Amazon algorithm forces you to have to give 50,000 books away and it’s still not enough to get you onto the front page of your major category, then what’s the harm of having 2,000 dedicated readers on your advance reader’s list who are willing to read your books and review them shortly after (or even just prior) to your big launch? It’ll make it impossible for a competing publisher or wannabe author to hurt you with fake negative reviews, and it’ll bring more honest potential readers into your fold, building up your powerful following! 

#4 NEVER attack a fellow author!!! 

It’s amazing how many “aspiring” authors think that the way to build a following is to attack other authors who are just getting started. Amazing! By in large, people are really, really good. They love following the story of a writer who was down on his or her luck and who turned his her life around by writing a book and finding a loyal and grateful audience. They want to know this person and chat with him or her and know that he or she is a good person at heart. No one wants to follow a know it all who thinks that a take no prisoners attitude will lead you to the promised land! If you’ve decided that the best way to prepare for your future career as an author is to attack all the authors you think are beneath you with harsh critiques, just stop yourself now and get out of the writing business! Great writers are great because of their ability to use empathy so that they can understand the people they create and imagine. If you can’t even empathize with another indie author (someone who is facing the same struggle as you!) your ability to feel empathy is obviously seriously impaired, and all you’re going to do is hurt other writers before your reviewers take you down (because any author who can’t feel empathy is going to suck!) Remember this, aspiring authors: be good to your readers, be good to other authors, and be good to everyone you encounter, because in this new age of digital marketing, enemies are the last thing you want and friends are the best thing you could ever have! (Plus, it feels good to be good!)

If you follow these 4 steps, you’re sure to increase your visibility and increase your chances of becoming the big success that you deserve to be! ReadingHUD exists to help authors achieve their dreams, and we wish you nothing but the greatest success possible! We look forward to helping you find a huge audience for many years to come!  

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